Saturday, November 21, 2015

Concert Report: Cash Cash & Tritonal (Venue 578)

Friday night visit to Venue 578 for the Cash Cash & Tritonal "Untouchable" tour. 

First getting an escorted tour of the official "Untouchable" tour bus complete with Pullman style sleeping bearths!
Did not get the name of the opening DJ, listed simply on the timetable as "Local Talent".
But it suddenly got lively and loud at 11PM when DJ Yogi (GB) came on!
Club was packed even early!
Big Room sound in the big room!
Yogi delivering Dance hit and Trap bangers!
Spotted in the Green Room: Blog favorite CJ visiting with Chad from Tritonal.
DJ duo Cash Cash (USA) taking over at midnight!
Early in the set, megahit "Take Me Home" got the crowd bouncing!
Playing new hit "Devil" ft. Busta Rhymes.
New Jersey-based Cash Cash began as a band and then switched to producing and performing Electronic Dance Music.
Near the end, hit "Surrender".
It was next to impossible to move about the place!
No club in Orlando has better lighting and effects than Venue 578!
At 1AM, Tritonal (USA)!
Normally a DJ duo, Chad had to wing it alone last night as Dave went back home to Austin to be with his wife and new baby!
"Now or Never" ft. Phoebe Ryan.
Cash Cash coming back out for their collaborative hit with Tritonal, "Untouchable"!
Spotted in VIP: Amanda & Heather
Spotted on the mezzanine: DJ Prophet 808
Playing 2014 hit "Anchor" near the end of the night.
A great night of fun EDM at Venue 578.  They all play again tonight at the Amphitheater in Tampa.
Big thanks to CJ for sharing some of her awesome pics!  A good time was had by all!

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