Thursday, November 26, 2015

Concert Report: AAHZ These Are The Breaks (The Beacham)

Thanksgiving Eve in Orlando usually means that it's time for an AAHZ Reunion!
Arriving at The Beacham around 10:30PM last night and finding DJ Andy Hughes (USA) delivering last night's promised theme of Old School Breaks!
And despite my relatively early arrival, the club was already jammed!
A part of Orlando's dance scene from way back, he now resides in Dallas.
DJ Kimball Collins (T) taking over around 11PM!
Hard to tell all these shaved heads apart last night without a scorecard, but that's Kimball mixing it up AAHZ-style with DJ Dave Cannalte (USA)!
And by now there weren't too many vacancies on the floor!
Packed in all directions!
Of course we not only know Cannalte from AAHZ, but also from our beloved Mannequins!
Kimball is resident DJ at several clubs in Bangkok.  We spotted him at Q-Bar there a couple years ago!
Packed as far as the eye could see!
DJ Icey (USA) taking control around midnight!
Mostly Old School set with lots of hits from back in the day!
Crowd going crazy for "Sweet Harmony"!
Icey driving home the point that so many songs we loved back then were actually Breaks!
Looking good!
Spotted by the bar: Christa with friend.
Spotted on the dance floor: Kimball Collins with Jen Mazor.
Spotted by the stage entrance: DJ Icey with friend Tami.
Spotted in the lighting tech booth: Matt & DJ Dominick Morrison.  The Dom will be blowing up the dance floor at EPCOT: China on New Years Eve!
Spotted at the bar: DJ's Vitamin C (Silly Grape) & Pedro Vazquez (BB Kings)!
Spotted backstage: DJ Dominic Butler from Stanton Warriors (GB)
Spotted on the dance floor: AAHZ original Stace Bass!
Spotted backstage: DJ's Andy Hughes & Jerry The Reverend Johnson.
Spotted twirling on the dance floor: Kimball's #1 fan Donna!
Spotted on the dance floor: Corey with the mysterious Lady in Yellow!
Spotted texting: World Famous Shawn Fenn!
Spotted backstage: Melessa, Aubrey, Donia, Renee, DJ Def Jeff & Ashleigh.
Spotted on the dance floor: LadyV
Spotted on stage: DJ Si-Dog Silas.  His "Bassgiving" show is this Saturday night at Native Social Bar and also features German DJ Marten Hørger!
Spotted in the front row: Anthony & Adriana.
Also spotted in the front row: Cheryl & Michael.
Spotted by the side bar: Christina (right) with friend.
Spotted backstage: DJ's Smilin' Dan & Dave Cannalte.
Amazing laser show last night!
Icey preaching to the congregation!
A little after 1AM, we only got one half of DJ duo Stanton Warriors.
Not that it mattered; he just kept going and going into the wee hours with amazing music!
And at 2AM nobody was leaving yet!
Another amazing AAHZ show in the books!  A good time was had by all!  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Anonymous said...

Bummer, no Go Go girls.

KingBob said...

No Go Go girls last night but plenty of nice scenery in the audience!