Saturday, November 14, 2015

Club Reports: Mojitobar, House Nightclub (Miami)

This is Miami.  Down here on business Friday so why not have a drink or two!
Mojitobar is located at Bayside Marketplace, the shopping/dining/entertainment venue located right on Biscayne Bay downtown.
DJ JC was blowing up Bayside with an EDM/Top 40 Dance set!
While this is not a dancing type of place during the day, some Calvin Harris & DJ Snake hits had everyone bouncing!
Now this place is cool.....House Nightclub just north of downtown!  You have to apply in advance online for a house key and if you're accepted, they'll give you your key upon arrival.  If there's any delay in obtaining the key, you're to yell at the door host and tell everyone in line that he has a small penis!  Afterall, this is your house!
When you are first come in, you enter the "bubble room".
I understand that on crowded nights this may initially be the only room open until the main room is ready.  Last night this was just an amazing pass-through area!
Bubbles everywhere plus a bar and DJ music!
This is House's outdoor area.  It too has a bar and is the place for smokers and those just looking for a place to sit down for awhile!
The doorway back into the club.
This is the club's main room with the DJ on stage at the rear.
At House it's all about the music and not the DJ so the DJ area is kept largely in the dark.
It's off-season in Miami right now so it never got super-crowded in here.  This is the 1AM crowd dancing.
Considerably more so around 2AM.  The music was mostly EDM hits like you'd hear on BPM on Sirius/XM on satellite radio.
Bartender in his tighty-whity Calvin's!  It wasn't until later that I learned picture-taking is not allowed in the main room. Sorry.  But I won't post any of the many secrets that exist at House Nightclub. You'll have to experience them on your own!
The House grandma likes to go around giving spankings on available tushes. It's one of the many features that assures a good time is had by all!


Ken said...

The House Nightclub is by far the most unique night club you have ever written about. Great post.

KingBob said...

LOL. Can't say that I've experienced anything like it before either. And there are many more surprises that I didn't post.

Comlete Exclusive said...

We had a lot of last minute decorations to add, and the staff was eager and willing to help. The food at venue NYC was amazing. They have extremely unique and tasty food. Also this place has great views and beautiful big rooms.