Monday, November 30, 2015

PI Update: AC Mystery Solved?

Last May/June BET Soundstage was razed with nothing left but a pile of sand.  Immediately thereafter demolition of the Adventurers Club building began but instead of taking the entire structure down, all was removed but the metal framework!
In the months since then, the lack of apparent work here led to internet chatter that perhaps the conversion of the building into The Edison Orlando was cancelled!
But the reason that construction has not commenced on The Edison building has to do with what's behind The Edison building.  Yes, The Neverland Tunnels.
Going into the former home of Pleasure Island offices and CM lounge / snack bar, very little is known about the Neverland Tunnels project.  Food columnist Scott Joseph has referred to it as a (hidden) speakeasy.
But while you might think that nothing is going on, construction is taking place. That construction is not at very visible The Edison of course, it's at Neverland Tunnels.
Inward facing sheetrock (aka drywall) is up along with new metal wall framing.
Closer view with new electrical conduit.
And to currently access Neverland Tunnels, we believe construction materials have to be brought in at night via this remaining section of the Pleasure Island Bypass causeway.  Having The Edison construction taking place at the same time would cause difficulties with access to Neverland Tunnels.
Keep in mind that directly above Neverland Tunnels is Celebration Plaza plus the new STK restaurant.  (STK is roughly where Comedy Warehouse used to be.)  If Neverland Tunnels is on Level 1 of Pleasure Island, STK seemingly is on Level 2 & 3.   
This previously published concept art shows that STK has some presence on Level 1, but perhaps not.  And with STK nearing completion, construction access to Neverland Tunnels might not be available from this direction.  So our theory is that The Edison is still coming to the Island but they can't begin until the Neverland Tunnels project is almost completed.  Mystery solved?

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Club Reports: Independent Bar, Native Social Bar

Concluding a long holiday weekend with my remaining ounces of stamina, an overdue visit to club favorite Independent Bar!
Just as it should be, DJ Indie John in the perch!
Dance floor beginning to fill for early to mid 80's New Wave!
Because everybody loves the 80's!
In the booth, Indie John posing with DJ Kimball Collins and world famous Shawn Fenn!
Spotted in the booth: DJ duo Rogue Planet with glimpses of DJ Rob-E in red and DJ Icey in black.  It got so crowded up here at one point that John didn't have enough room to flip the records over to the B-side!
Spotted in VIP: The Bae Twins!
Saturdays are my favorite at I-Bar!
Headed over around midnight to Native Social Bar for "Bassgiving"!
Found DJ Seth Vogt in the booth.
Taking turns with DJ Rob Si-Dog Silas!
Some of this weekend's survivors down on the main dance floor.
Because it's all about the Breaks!
Spotted: DJ Rob-E and Funky Flavor's Scotty Fraser.
Spotted: Mazor Productions' Jen with DJ Brazen.
Spotted: Blog favorite CJ with Leah.
Spotted: DJ Funkbaby
Taking over at 1AM, DJ Marten Hørger (D).
Hadn't seen him play since the Miami Massive last March!
More people dancing in the front section by the door.
Hørger is from Stuttgart in southwest Germany.
Dance floor stayed pretty occupied all night!
And a good time was had by all!

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Club Reports: Big Easy, Peek Downtown, TSAR, Treehouse, Sandwich Bar

Friday night of a long holiday weekend in progress and making my first stop at new venue Big Easy.
Former Pleasure Island DJ Dick Tracey in the booth at the rear of the club playing Rock hits.
Located on Central in the Arcade Building, the Cajun restaurant has this long bar with a dance floor in front of the booth.  It has potential.
Located around the corner in suite B of the same building, Peek Downtown is Orlando's home for Breaks.
Arrived around 11PM to find DJ Rich Doss in the booth.
Just never got very crowded during my visit.
Sporting a great stache, Miami's DJ Bebe taking over around 12:30AM.
Lots of great music to dance to!
Just not a lot of dancers doing it!
Second visit ever to TSAR, the new Russian-themed ultralounge located over in the Lake Eola district where speakeasy Don't Tell Anyone used to be.
DJ Andy Hughes (USA) in the booth playing light House music!
Another venue with just a handful of people on hand.
Spotted on the dance floor: DJ J-Dub & Fernando.
Spotted with Hughes in the booth, DJ's Lee Coombs, Jimmy Joslin & Def Jeff .
Treehouse is the semi-secret venue located upstairs along Magnolia.
You never know what kind of music you're going to get here but last night it was a bouncy 90's track!  No DJ, it's all pre-recorded.
Nice crowd on hand for craft cocktails and shots!
Of course the main attraction at Treehouse is grabbing a drink and chilling picnic-style down on the grass floor!
Spotted on the dance floor: Trini, Blog favorite CJ & Leah.
Saved the best for last.....Sandwich Bar!
For the final Orlando show this year from DJ Kimball Collins (T)!
Small club was packed!
Fog-machine made it difficult to get pics in here!
House music all night long!
Kimball will soon be heading back to his residencies in Bangkok.
Spotted: DJ's Funkbaby & Leilani
Spotted: Kimball's #1 fan Donna with Christa
Spotted: Dana with Christa
Spotted: Aline & Kenneth with Christa
Spotted: DJ Dave Cannalte with Christa
Spotted: LadyV, Jimmy Joslin, Andy Hughes & world famous Shawn Fenn.  Wait, where's Christa?
Spotted cooling down outside: Sydney & Carey
Not untypical at Sandwich Bar, the A/C system couldn't keep up with the crowd and it got hot and steamy in there!
House, Deep House, Progressive House!  It never stopped!
The clock passed 2:30AM and the music kept flowing!  The clock passed 3:30AM and the music kept flowing!  Kimball not leaving town without leaving another great impression!
A good time was had by all!