Saturday, October 24, 2015

Club Reports: Treehouse, The Attic, Peek Downtown, Backbooth

Can't say enough good things about Treehouse, the hidden enclave on Magnolia Avenue.  You step inside the door and climb up into the tree!
Had to wait awhile to get in last night because its tiny size means it reaches capacity pretty quickly!
Specializes in craft cocktails although the standard fare is also available.
But the fun here is getting your drink and then chilling picnic style down on the grass floor!
All of Orlando's top socialites hang-out here!
Located next door, Attic Nightclub.
Resident DJ Alex Wood in the booth spinning EDM hits!
Hakkasan Las Vegas resident DJ Jeff Retro (USA) would be playing in here later last night.
Earlier during my visit it was still pretty empty but it would get packed later!  Michael Woods (GB) played here earlier this month and they've got DJ's Max Styler (USA) & Kryder (GB) coming in November!
Peek Downtown is usually on the list because you know there ain't gonna be any Hip Hop!
DJ MX was doin' the Breaks when I arrived!
Under that hat, DJ Matrix!
And Miami's DJ Bebe coming on late night!
Like a lot of downtown last night, not a very large crowd.
A lot of Orlando's Breaks events have shifted over to Native Social Bar but Peek balances Breakbeat nights with House/Deep House nights.
Spotted on the dance floor with Bebe: Leah, CJ, Kay Kay, Adriana
Spotted on the dance floor: World famous Shawn Fenn
There was a surprising number of people out in costume last night even though Halloween is next Saturday!
One of the funnest spots in Orlando on a Friday night!  "Footloose 80's Video Night" at Backbooth.
Resident DJ Adam Wright now in his 3rd decade delivering the 80's!
Largest crowd of the night that I ran into even though this is nothing like it typically is.  I think a lot of people with limited funds are saving it for next weekend!
We love the 80's!
Everybody knows the words!
A good time was had by all!


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Nice lipstick on blog girl CJ

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