Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Remembering Bliss Ultra Lounge

Ran across my old Bliss Ultra Lounge VIP card this weekend; guess I saved it hoping they'd reopen someday.  Card always got me to the front of the long lines this club used to have, plus free admission most nights!
Located on Church Street immediately adjacent the CSX tracks, the club was originally home to Church Street Station's disco Phineas Phoggs Balloon Works.
During the waning days of Pleasure Island, friends kept asking me where I was going to hang out once Mannequins closed.  When I inquired around for clubs playing what we then referred to as techno music, I kept hearing about Bliss.
So I finally did a scouting trip and met Saturday night resident DJ Mickey Bono and lighting tech Dangerous Dave Bilinski!  And sure enough, this was the place for Top 40/Dance.
And Bliss Ultra Lounge became a regular stop on many-a-Saturday night!
The fact that the place was mainly populated by young females did not matter!
This Bud's for you me!
Nationally touring DJ's played here at times such as Juicy Music's DJ Willie Morales.
CityWalk DJ AJ (far left) and DJ Smooth (far right).
Miami's DJ Cato K.
And DJ Armando from RadioDanz.
Packed dance floors were the norm here!
The ornate metal work remained in place from its Church Street Station days. A good time was had by all at Bliss Ultra Lounge!
The club allegedly lost its lease and had to close.  It's been sitting empty ever since.

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