Tuesday, October 20, 2015

PI Update: Touring Around The Island

It's a beautiful warm October day, and what better place to spend it than Pleasure Island! So cross the No. 5 Bridge with me from Disney Springs West Side and let's take a look around!
Village Lake water runs under the No. 5 Bridge up to the new No. 4 Bridge pictured.  From there, the springs take over and will wrap around the rest of the Island.
Nice side view of the upscale STK steakhouse on Pleasure Island at West End Plaza.
And here's a rear view of STK taken from beside Morimoto & 8TRAX.  Notice how it's bottom floor is on the "upstairs" section of Pleasure Island, with another floor up above that.
Looks like something is finally coming to the last vacant retail space on the Island, near Sound Lion & Sanuk.
From up high, we see the Lilypad area down below Fulton's Crab House and the Raglan Road complex with a narrow walkway beside it.
The Eastern Springs area beside T-REX Cafe.
Lots of foliage installed makes it difficult to view the springs.  Speaking of Fulton's, we previously reported that it would be closing in January for renovations but an employee I know there says that they've been told that the restaurant will remain open during renovations, with construction making its way around the venue a section at a time.
T-REX is becoming hidden and should not create an imposition.  This is one of the scenic overlook areas near Eastern Springs.
Looking further down the "river" towards Central Springs.
Central Springs and the rumored cupcake store.
The new No. 2 Bridge from Morimoto to Disney Springs Town Center.
And last but not least!  The Duncan Yo Yo kiosk has returned to the No. 1 Bridge!  Because where else can you buy a yo yo nowadays!  Come on down to Pleasure Island and see it all for yourself!

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