Monday, October 19, 2015

PI Update: PI Then, PI Now

 BET Soundstage then was a dance club featuring Hip Hop & Soul. BET Soundstage now is a pile of sand. 

 Adventurers Club then was a zany comedy club for explorers and adventurers.  Adventurers Club now is a metal skeleton of its former self.
Comedy Warehouse then was the home of skilled Improv comedy.  Comedy Warehouse now will be home to STK upscale steakhouse.

Laffers Cantina then was an outdoor bar serving drinks to passersby along West End PlazaLaffers Cantina now is a newly built railroad station-themed bathroom complex.

PI Live Bar then was an outdoor bar located at the Hub of the IslandPI Live Bar now is Erwin Pearl Jewelry.
 Rock'n'Roll Beach Club then was a large dance venue featuring live Rock bands.  Rock'n'Roll Beach Club now is the newly opened Hangar Bar as well as an adjoining outdoor music amphitheater.


 Club Motion then was a dance club at the corner of the Island featuring Top 40 music.  Club Motion now is The Boathouse restaurant at the corner of the Island.

 8TRAX then was a beloved dance club featuring 70's & 80's music.  8TRAX now is still there but we're really not sure what it is or is going to be.  It appears that part of Morimoto Asia goes into its space but we're not sure to what extent.  This one remains an Island mystery!

 Fuego was a cigar bar featuring drinks to go with your stogies.  Fuego now is partly occupied by Vivoli Gelato as well as an empty lot slated to have a restaurant on it.

Mannequins, we didn't forget you!  Mannequins then was one of the finest dance clubs in the country. It featured a revolving dance floor as well as lighting a decade ahead of its time.  Mannequins now is Morimoto Asia, an Asian-themed restaurant.  But they didn't do a very good job disguising it; it is and will always be Mannequins!


Troy said...

It's interesting to wonder how much of the island would have changed even if they had kept the PI theme. Some of the buildings from '08, by today's standards, look slightly outdated. Obviously, The Landing has a very different feel to it, but I wonder how the clubs would look if they were still open today (AC, aside...I feel that probably would have stayed the same no matter what).

KingBob said...

Well I think a lot of Pleasure Island was "dated" in 2008, having not really be refreshed in some time. I know that around 2006/2007 Disney sent a team out to Las Vegas to scout what clubs were doing out there with a goal of bringing back ideas to freshen PI. Instead, in early 2008, they decided to get out of the club business altogether. Their meeting with Steve Schussler at his place near Minneapolis was a big part of the decision making.

Anonymous said...

Yes, a lot of the clubs were dated but the Mannequins concept was not/is not. To me, that was their one big mistake. I might have changed Mannequin's name and updated it's look inside but that is the one thing that is really missing at Disney Springs and coincidentally both MDP and The Adventurers Club would have fit perfectly into the theme of The Landing.

Brian said...

does any one remember what was in BET, Motion, RRBC, 8TRAX originally? and one name changed twice?

DJMadManRay said...

8 Trax was originally Videopolis East, then The Cage. Motion was originally The Fireworks Factory restaurant, then The Wildhorse Sallon. RRBC was XZephr Roller Rink, BET was originally The Neon Armadillo. Damn, miss our Island!

Brian said...

yup! and I meant to say 2 clubs changed names more then one time.

Bellabeautifulllll said...

Kaykay approved hehe :)