Friday, October 9, 2015

PI Update: Island Cruising

By now you know how addicted I am to cruising and with a few days off this week, couldn't miss this opportunity to sail on another Disney cruise!  Beginning my voyage right here at the Port of West Side.
First time sailing on the Crescent City Queen!
As a vessel flying the American flag and featuring an all-American crew, she's allowed to carry passengers between American ports.  Most cruise ships fly foreign flags and have foreign crews; they can't do that.
Heading out to sea, passing Bongo's and Wolfgang Puck's. Island sources tell the Blog that both will temporarily close early next year for refurbishment and possible new concepts.
STK view.
Along the shore, former home of the Society of Explorers & Adventurers!
The imposing Paradiso 37 can be seen from quite a distance away along the coastline!
 Sailing past Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar.
I like to party on my cruises but unfortunately this was not a partying crowd.

Port-of-call: "The Landing" dock at Pleasure Island.
Back at sea, passing this sleepy fishing village marina and The Boathouse.
Only one other ship in port as the journey concludes, the famous Empress Lily.  We're told Fulton's and Portobello will also both close after the first of the year for refurbishments and possible new concepts.
Arriving at Port of Marketplace.  It's sad when a cruise ends but it's good to know that there's always going to be another one!

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