Monday, October 26, 2015

DS Update: Where Is Frontera Fresco Going?

Disney's announcement last week that celebrity chef Rick Bayless was opening one of his Frontera Fresco restaurants in Disney Springs has everyone speculating where it's going to be located!
Remember that last May we repeated a rumor published by Screamscape indicating that Splitsville had bought out the lease of Bongos Cuban Cafe and was going to turn it into a Mexican restaurant!  And now we have this announcement of a Mexican restaurant coming to the Springs.
But last month a reliable Island source had told us that not only was Bongos closing for refurbishment and possible new concept after the first of the year, but so was Wolfgang Puck Cafe.  So maybe the location is actually here. WDW Magic says the restaurant will be 6,000sf and operated by Vista Springs LLC. Their Annual Report filed with the State of Florida earlier this year gives few  details about the corporation. But such a huge space is an indication it's going into one of these existing spots at Disney Springs West Side rather than new construction in Disney Springs Town Center. 

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Troy said...

I kind of assumed it was going into the new Town Center area. Hopefully that area will be a little more than just generic shops I never plan on stopping at.