Saturday, October 17, 2015

Club Reports: Elixir Bar, The Other Bar, Shine Nightclub, Peek Downtown, Aero Bar

Beginning my Friday night at Elixir Bar Room & Hash House!
Sometimes this place as bands, sometimes they have DJ's.  Last night it was DJ Drop Top.
Home to one of the afterparties for fans of Orlando City, there was a happy crowd on hand following Orlando's victory over New York!
No one really dances in here; it's more of a place to chit chat while you enjoy a frosty cold one (or two)!
And the music is really just a background item here. Last night it jumped from EDM to light Hip Hop to Oldies, one song at a time.
Time to see what was happening over at The Other Bar.
Friday night resident DJ Adam Wells still over in the corner!
People do dance in here but it too is mostly a destination to visit with friends.
Music during my visit was EDM/Dance.
Over across the street we have Shine Nightclub.
Spotted DJ Travon up in the booth spinning Top 40 & Hip Hop!
Place was packed last night!
But lots of talking going on about the dance floor, not a lot of dancing!
Always home to great music, a downtown visit invariably leads to Peek!
DJ Beni Hill in the booth when I arrived!
With DJ Dustin Hulton taking over a few minutes later.
Just so few people in here to enjoy it.  My theory is that Halloween is coming soon and people are saving their money to go crazy that night!
Spotted on the dance floor: Blog favorite Jessica
Spotted on the dance floor: Blog favorite Jasmin (Photo credit: Beni Hill)
Delivering the Breakbeats!
Also visited Aero Bar last night, formerly Sky60.
Resident DJ Cliff T in the Aero booth!
Now this place was pretty jammed!
The music was EDM/Dance, my kind of place!
By now you may have heard about the excitement that took place here this past Wednesday night when DJ Dillon Francis (USA) dropped by and joined DJ's Mark Starr & Cliff T in the booth and did a non-scheduled guest set!  Famous for hits such as "Get Low" and "When We Were Young", the pretty packed club went crazy for the spontaneous performance! (Photo credit: Cliff Tangredi)
Nothing like that last night, but damn good music nonetheless!
The bar staff here makes those nasty drinks go down much smoother!
Cliff T is joined by Mannequins' DJ Dominick Morrison on Saturday nights here!
Dancing on this outdoor rooftop, a good time is had by all!

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