Monday, September 14, 2015

PI Update: Island From The Air

Save Pleasure Island Blog's exclusive SkyCam takes to the air again to bring us views of our beautiful Island you can't get elsewhere.  Heading up and seeing no apparent work having commenced at The Edison Orlando, formerly the Adventurers Club.
Part of the Pleasure Island bypass causeway still exists and it's being used as a staging area of sorts with just a narrow passageway for deliveries to Paradiso.
Nothing new is visible in The Tunnels either.
Paradiso 37's new construction is nearing completion and it almost looks a side street will enter off Hill Street with a separate venue? The construction style certainly differs.
Rooftop bar at STK?
STK's corner cupula will give it a distinctive look from the Town Center side.
Nothing new yet in this parcel off the Hub where Raglan Road is supposed to have a food service location.
Work continues on the new No. 2 Bridge from the Island to Town Center.
We've read that Planet Hollywood is closing in January to be remade into Planet Hollywood Observatory.  Two new buildings are already being built right next to it.
This one is being built out of Fox Blocks.

Reminds me of plastic Lego bricks!
Other new buildings adjacent PH. Tune in tomorrow on the Blog for a look at the new shopping buildings going into Disney Springs Town Center.  And some new Car Park pics!


FN said...

Ahhh, Fox Blocks. One of the things this product can do is deaden sound, like you may want for a club environment. This structure appears too small for anything noisy, and it's not in a place you'd put offices for which you'd want to insulate the occupants from sound. Very interesting. Once again, nice pics!

KingBob said...

Good observation, FN!