Monday, September 28, 2015

PI Update: Cast Reunion

With Pleasure Island's 7th anniversary of closing having just passed, we'd be remiss if we didn't reflect back on a couple of the reunions that subsequently took place.  On the 1-year anniversary date in 2009 at Raglan Road, cast members got together to remember old times. This group of 8TRAX CM's consisted of Dianna, Jen, Erika & Taryn.
From Comedy Warehouse, Lisa, Mark, Mary & John.
From Entrance, Dianna, Linda & Vivian.
Mannequins managers were represented!  Brad, Kelly & Adam.
Save Pleasure Island Blog roving reporter and Ticketing CM William!
From club Motion, DJ Tallie.
Also from 8TRAX, Amy.
Mannequins bar back John.
A year later PI fans had their own reunion at Atlantic Dance Hall and it included Save Pleasure Island Blog roving reporter and 8TRAX door host Thommy!
Mannequins bartender Gordo was there that night!
And the biggest surprise of the night, Mannequins bartender Bobby C was on duty!  Hope everyone is doing well!

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