Sunday, September 20, 2015

Club Reports: Cheyenne Saloon, Independent Bar, Peek Downtown, Native Social Bar

Beginning my Saturday night at Church Street Station and the famous Cheyenne Saloon where radio station 103.1 The Wolf was doing a free concert.
Live band doing country music as a handful of fans looked on under the incredible woodwork.
Church Street Station was at one time thee place to party in Orlando as one ticket would get you multiple clubs including the ever-popular Rosie O'Grady's along with disco Phineas Phogg's Balloon Works. Disney, seeing so many of its guests (and dollars) leave property every night, developed Pleasure Island in response to it.
Church Street Station is still there, a lot of it unused.  But today it's best known as a station along the SunRail route!
A Saturday night just isn't complete without a visit to Independent Bar!
DJ Indie John at the helm along with Lighting Tech Ernie!
Every night is different at I-Bar and so are the crowds!
And Saturday nights is early to mid-80's New Wave!
And everybody loves the 80's!
Two nights in-a-row to Peek Downtown, last night for "Electric Playground".
Finally getting to see the famous DJ Kay Kay!
And doing an all-vinyl set just like back in the day!
Relatively small crowd on hand.
But those here were really getting into the 90's Old Skool dance set!
Spotted near the booth: DJ Def Jeff
Spotted on the dance floor: Jennifer along with DJ ICB.  (Sorry kind of fuzzy.)
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls!
DJ Leilani coming on at 1AM and continuing this night of Breaks on vinyl!
Also paid a visit to Native Social Bar back over on Church Street.
NLP in the house, DJ Matrix in the booth!
Pretty good crowd in here!
Dance floor active!
Mannequins was also represented!  Have to say that as the PI crowd has dispersed over the past 7 years, this group is one that I run into more than anyone!  Long live Pleasure Island!
Spotted on the mezzanine: Sara, DJ Security & the world famous Shawn Fenn!
DJ J-Dub joining Matrix in the booth!
Breakbeats kept everyone moving!
Lots of energy in the room!
A good time was had by all!


Anonymous said...

Kaykay really killed it. She played some music I haven't heard in a long time. Can't wait to see her set again.

bob said...

so the cheyenne saloon, has Disney ever admitted to blatantly copying the place for "billy bobs saloon" in DLP?

they look almost identical!

Anonymous said...

Don't think there is any trademark violation for copying opry style interior architecture, if thats what they did.

Anonymous said...

Looks like all of 10 people went to that country show.... apparently that was a bust eh?

Anonymous said...

Kk I have not heard in a while killed it with mix factory