Wednesday, September 30, 2015

DTD Update: Name Change Ceremony

Signs on SR400 (I-4) have been changed.
Signs on Disney property have been changed.
And signs in Downtown Disney have been changed.  So it must be.
All we need is a little ceremony.  And that took place yesterday afternoon on Pleasure Island's Waterview Stage.
The MC came on around 5PM to explain why we were all gathered here.
Then Walt Disney World Resort President George Kalogridis, dressed in a gray plaid jacket and light blue dress shirt, spoke a few words.
And with that, the placards which spelled Downtown Disney....
.....were flipped over..... reveal the new name, Disney Springs!  It was awesome!
And George and his entourage went to dinner at Morimoto Asia.
And as the rain began to fall, dignitaries such as these received complimentary Disney Springs umbrellas.  Look for them soon on eBay.
A good time was had by all!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Kraftwerk Tonight

In honor of tonight's sold out Kraftwerk (D) concert in Miami, we present their most noteworthy song ever, Autobahn, from 1974.  Early pioneers of electronic music!

DTD Update: The Last SIN

This past Sunday night represented the 7th anniversary of the final night of Pleasure Island. This coming Sunday night will be the final night of SIN, the long-running Service Industry Night at House of Blues in Downtown Disney Westside.  Always a thorn in Disney's side, a recent alleged rape outside HOB after SIN ended was apparently the nail in the coffin for the event. A huge crowd, much larger than normal, is expected Sunday night. If you're attending, you're advised to arrive early!
Orlando Sentinel article #1
Orlando Sentinel article #2
SIN fans don't distress. Sources tell Save Pleasure Island that a very viable alternative location is seriously under discussion to replace House of Blues. We'll keep you updated.

Monday, September 28, 2015

PI Update: Cast Reunion

With Pleasure Island's 7th anniversary of closing having just passed, we'd be remiss if we didn't reflect back on a couple of the reunions that subsequently took place.  On the 1-year anniversary date in 2009 at Raglan Road, cast members got together to remember old times. This group of 8TRAX CM's consisted of Dianna, Jen, Erika & Taryn.
From Comedy Warehouse, Lisa, Mark, Mary & John.
From Entrance, Dianna, Linda & Vivian.
Mannequins managers were represented!  Brad, Kelly & Adam.
Save Pleasure Island Blog roving reporter and Ticketing CM William!
From club Motion, DJ Tallie.
Also from 8TRAX, Amy.
Mannequins bar back John.
A year later PI fans had their own reunion at Atlantic Dance Hall and it included Save Pleasure Island Blog roving reporter and 8TRAX door host Thommy!
Mannequins bartender Gordo was there that night!
And the biggest surprise of the night, Mannequins bartender Bobby C was on duty!  Hope everyone is doing well!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Club Reports: Eve Nightclub, The Beacham, The Treehouse, Peek Downtown

Saturday night in the city and hopping around looking for good music beginning at Eve Nightclub.
Found DJ Johnny Quest in the booth doing a Hip Hop set!
Club and dance floor were pretty crowded!
As he explained to me, they're doing more open format rather than just EDM.
And indeed as DJ Chris Tavi was getting ready to take over, the music switched to Dance.
And the dance floor got jammed!
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls!
Eve is the new name for what was previously Vanity Nightclub.
And it's arguably the nicest club downtown!
Hadn't been over to The Beacham in awhile so that was my next stop.
Official Orlando Magic DJ D-Strong was on stage early delivering Hip Hop.
And the dance floor crowd was beginning to build.
With DJ Richie Rich taking over at midnight!
Of course we know RR from Service Industry Night at House of Blues. Tonight and next Sunday night are the final two SIN's!
By now the club was packed!
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls!
The music is Hip Hop and club remixes sponsored by radio station 104.5 The Beat.
No EDM in here this night so it was time for me to be.....movin' on!
This place is a real delight!  Open the door and climb the stairs up into The Treehouse!
There's always a small crowd in here enjoying drinks in mason jars!
But the real fun is drinking and chilling picnic-style on the grass floor!
No DJ but the taped music varies with each visit so you never know what you're going to get up here in the tree!
Last stop of the night, Peek Downtown.
Go Gators!  A Gainesville-based DJ lineup that included Illterror, Raiu and The Manti!
With a very Bass-oriented music format all evening!
It wasn't packed in here but there was a decent-sized crowd keeping the dance floor occupied!
With Amanda S. providing some lighting effects!
Spotted at the bar: The world famous Shawn Fenn with DJ Kay Kay
Spotted in the foyer: DJ Geebo with Mister
Spotted in VIP: Trish & Amanda M.
A good time was had by all!