Friday, August 14, 2015

Promo Only In The House!

Today we have this awesome picture taken at the Promo Only convention in Atlantic City earlier this week!  Clockwise from the upper right you'll recognize our favorite resident DJ ever from Pleasure Island, DJ Peapod (Mannequins).  At the lower right, Ricky Vazquez (Promo Only Sales).  In the center, our favorite resident DJ ever from CityWalk, DJ Leony (Red Coconut Club, Latin Quarter, Sirius/XM BPM).  At the lower left, DJ Scotty B (Promo Only Video).  Last but not least in the upper left, DJ Pete Werner (Mannequins, Promo Only founder).
If you ever watch a music video in a bar, club or restaurant, take a close look when the title appears and more often than not you'll see the Promo Only brand name! Big thanks to DJ Leony for allowing us to share this picture!


Richard Soto said...

Thanks King Bob for posting & sharing this fantastic group of our club DJs & a big
shot out to Promo Only!!

Brian said...

Pea Pod was great.

now Pete Werner was THEE DJ!! in my book over the years I rank the DJ's Pete Werner #1 Dave C & Pea pod & Scott Summers #2 the rest YUCK! at best.

but that's rankings or my Opinion. I am sure some might not know Pete Werner. but MAN he was awesome!

Anonymous said...


Richard Soto said...

Peapod was the best dj there at Mannequins hands down!!!!

KingBob said...

My involvement with Mannequins came after Pete Werner had already departed to create Promo Only. My Saturday nights were Peapod nights!