Monday, August 24, 2015

PI Update: Where Are Our Clubs Today?

The Downtown Disney and Pleasure Island names still remain in a few places but you have to really search for them!
We're in their waning days as the names are converted over to Disney Springs and The Landing respectively.  So where are our old clubs today?
Well, this pile of dirt and rubble are all that remain of BET Soundstage.
Adventurers Club fares a little better.  It's shell remains and will be converted to The Edison Orlando.
Comedy Warehouse was razed and STK gourmet steakhouse on the edge of West End Plaza is taking its place.
8TRAX remains intact. It will apparently serve as one of the entrances into Marimoto Asia next door. It's future as a sushi bar seems more likely than as a 70's Disco!
Mannequins is our pride and joy of course and it will be opening in September as Morimoto Asia.
Rock'n'Roll Beach Club was demolished to make room for Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar and the adjoining outdoor music amphitheater.
Motion was the first building to come down and has already been replaced by The Boathouse.
So what does the future hold for us club fans on Pleasure Island The Landing?
The Edison in Los Angeles has night club features including bands and DJ's so we're hoping Disney doesn't quash them doing what they do.
The Tunnels, if that's what these are, remain cloaked in mystery but we're hoping for nightlife down there!
STK steakhouses in other cities have DJ's at night and we're told to expect similar here!
Not expecting DJ music at Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar but we believe more "adventurous" types of fun will be offered! (Opening very soon; notice chairs & tables now on the rear patio.)
But a lot of the success of The Landing will hinge on what Morimoto Asia offers at night. As we've said numerous times, this massive space will have to deliver something from 10PM to 2AM when people quit dining.  This one is too big to let fail!


FN said...

Once again, great photos! I'm surprised how messy The Boathouse docks look from that vantage point high in the air. And "the tunnels" don't seem to have enough inside height for much to be done with them, I'd be kinda surprised if they used that space for anything other than offices and supplies for the various venues. But Disney being Disney, anything is possible, like an arcade, or maybe even an indoor mini-golf venue for those super hot and muggy days?

Anonymous said...

Don't get too excited about Disney allowing nightlife at the Landing, they're continuing to move away from nightlife and announcements in the near future will support that stance...

KingBob said...

Yes, heard some bleak news about that.

Anonymous said...

What is it, Guys?