Thursday, August 6, 2015

PI Update: Island By Night

Palms sweat a little bit; pulse quickens. That's what happens when you cross this nostalgic bridge to beautiful Pleasure Island!  It's been while since we visited the Island after dark so let's go check it out!  First the shops.
Erwin Pearl Jewelry, located at the historic Hub, wasn't exactly bustling.
While Apex by Sunglass Hut was.
Sound Lion had a few.
While Sanuk had a big crowd looking for flip flops.
As did Havianas. Flip flops for the win!
The crowds at Art of Shaving were razor thin.
Erin McKenna's Bakery NYC had a handful looking for gluten-free treats.
No doubt the biggest retail hit on the Island is Chapel Hats!  Everybody wants a hat!
For musical entertainment, the Waterview Stage is where it's at.  Wednesday night we saw the Even Jones Trio performing.
Decent crowd on hand to watch.
The Trio was tag-teaming with Nicholas Marks and his gypsy guitar.
Nicholas Marks is one of the original entertainers to perform on Pleasure Island when they first began their "ultralounge" concept at West End Plaza post-Celebrate Tonight. His unique sound always draws passersby.
Over at the Lilypad we found Porch Dogs!
Who says there's no dancing anymore on Pleasure Island?


Anonymous said...

That's a disgrace... what have they done?

FN said...

Good coverage, King Bob! I'm looking forward to seeing how the nightlife eventually ramps up. In the back of my mind I'm also wondering when Disney will begin seeing a backlash against all the shopping and marketing, it's becoming more and more "in your face" and it's getting out of hand. Between the new shopping malls (Disney Springs) we're also seeing huge expansion of DVC at the resorts. We may need another web site -- "Save the Simple Disney World" -- hahaha!