Sunday, August 23, 2015

Concert Report: DJ Reid Speed (Native)

Native Social Bar on Church Street is a new home to various forms of Electronic Dance Music in Orlando!
Arrived around midnight to find Blog favorite DJ Funkbaby in the booth!
The dance floor was full of active participants!
Hard to say where Breaks end and D&B takes over, but yeah, that's what it was!
Headliner DJ Reid Speed (USA) taking over at 12:45AM.
Continuing the theme of the night with fast-paced Breaks and D&B!
Although there was also moments of House, Trap and Hip Hop in there too!
Dance floor remained occupied!
No cares in the world out there!
Bar area was also jammed!
First time I had seen her play since Electric Sunfest in Jacksonville in 2012.

 She's famous for her Nike high-tops!
Her hair went up but the music was going down!
Spotted in VIP: DJ K8
Spotted in the Mezzanine: DJ's Jimmy Joslin, ChrisB & Adam Flurk
Funkbaby & Reid Speed delivered the goods!  A good time was had by all!


Anonymous said...

I have to say, I don't understand the USB stick Djs. Why would you limit yourself to that setup where you have a fraction of your total library, have to scroll on a tiny screen on the CDJ2000 nexus to find what you want, etc?

I don't get it.

The standard setup in the clubs these days (provided they have a clue) is a DJM 900srt or 900nexus and two CDJ 2000nexus's. You can easily show up with your laptop and fire up Traktor or Serato and get it done properly, with your full library at your fingertips.

KingBob said...

Travel light.

Anonymous said...

Carrying Macbook Pro in a backpack is nothing compared to the benefits. Just sayin..