Saturday, August 22, 2015

Club Reports: Peek Downtown, Attic Nightclub

Beginning my Friday night for "Breaks Yo" at Peek Downtown as Jennifer puts the finishing touches on the club's outdoor sign!
Arrived just after 11PM to find DJ duo Rogue Planet in the booth delivering Old Skool Breaks!
Dance floor was already active at this early hour!
Lots of early 00's classic dance such as "Come on Everybody".
DJ Bebe (USA) taking over at 12:15AM this morning!
He would continue the theme of the night with mostly Old Skool hits!
Dance floor got packed!
Spotted by VIP: Christina, Ashleigh & promoter Scotty Fraser (Funky Flavor)
Spotted moving fast on the dance floor: Donia & Renee
Delivering Mannequins' classic, Delerium's "Silence" ft. Sarah McLachlan!
Breakbeats begets breakdancing!
Happy times on the Peek dance floor!
DJ J-Dub batting clean-up!
Great times! Don't miss "Girls vs Guys" DJ battle next Friday night!
The Attic has been fully renovated and is now Attic Nightclub!
Resident DJ Alex Wood is up there somewhere in the fog delivering House / Dance!
The distinct smell of fresh-cut lumber permeated the place as new raised mezzanines on both sides of the dance floor have been constructed!
Club & dance floor were packed wall-to-wall!
Touring DJ's do play here.  So far this year I've seen John Dahlb├Ąck (S) and Wuki (USA) play here.  On Thursday, September 3rd they've got Michael Calfan (F) here!
A good time was had by all!

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