Sunday, August 9, 2015

Club Reports: Independent Bar, Eve Nightclub, Native Social Bar

I like to begin my Saturday nights here at I-BAR whenever I can and such was the case last night when I barely squeeked-in on the "No Cover until 11PM" offer!  There was a 10-minute line outside waiting to get in!
Exclusive IceyCam photo of DJ Indie John in the booth.
Club was pretty jammed last night as was downtown in general!
Saturday night format is early to mid 80's New Wave, songs everybody knows the words to!
Spotted in VIP: Ah Sandra, Rachel, Aubrey & Ashleigh
Two nights in a row to the new Eve Nightclub, formerly Vanity Nightclub.
DJ Hilton Farris in the booth spinning mostly Commercial House / Dance.
Dance floor was jammed!
Rumor says this club may be shifting over to more of a private events type of venue. Hope that's not the case because they always have great DJ's and music in here and the decor is the best downtown!
Spotted near the bar: DJ Freefall (USA) with the lovely Mrs. Freefall.  Apologies for the bleached-out photos from last night but I could not get my camera toned-down!
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls!
Next stop Native Social Bar.
Arrived to find DJ Matrix in the booth blowing the place up with Breaks!
And taking turns with DJ J-Dub doing the same!
Good-sized crowd down on the dance floor!
Mannequins was represented!
The evening's headliner DJ Burufunk (USA) getting ready to come on!
But he did not begin his set until 1:20AM.
The crowd stuck around for him though!
Loud Breakbeats being delivered!
Burufunk comes from Texas.
Spotted in the mezzanine: Blog favorite CJ with Future Sound of Breaks' Glyn S. Morgan. His next massive, "The Reunion", takes place Labor Day weekend in Tampa and features David Christophere, Dynamix II, Jackal & Hyde, Andy Hughes, Circle K & Collaborator and many more!  Link here.
At Native last night, a good time was had by all!

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