Monday, August 3, 2015

ADH Update: Revisiting Pleasure Island

I'm sure you'll recall our previous report where supposedly it had been confirmed that on Thursday nights Atlantic Dance Hall was switching to a Pleasure Island cast member-style night. From what we were told, the DJ's would play 1 hour blocks of music themed to former PI dance clubs Rock'n'Roll Beach Club, 8TRAX, Motion and Mannequins.  So what ever became of this?
We're told that this plan is still green-lighted and that it's going to begin the first Thursday in January.  No reason was given for the delay.  I pointed out that New Years Eve is also on a Thursday night this year and asked whether they go with the Pleasure Island format on that night for their annual NYE party.  Our source did not know.  So the Blog will continue to monitor this story to see what develops. Stay tuned!  Atlantic Dance Hall is located at Disney's Boardwalk Resort.


Anonymous said...

Funny how at one time one of the club managers said! (As I heard rumor) do not carter to the "PI people") now a PI night? And Thursday night?

KingBob said...

Times change. As the folly of closing the clubs became more and more apparent, any mention at all of the clubs by staff became a big no no. They even finally pulled down the remaining club signs including the most difficult one of all at Mannequins.
But in the last couple years they've come to embrace their past; they even did that Pleasure Island Rewind show at the Contemporary. Times change.

71 said...

I guess this means ADH is sticking around thru fiscal 2016. Hadn't heard anything solid one way or another in a while, but seems like its continual existence is always in doubt.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to say in my comment even if this person should have never said this out in the open! back in the old days this would have got you fired!! no matter and still should have!
time change or not Disney should have never closed PI! moved it maybe but never closed so I would guess even this will not be anything like old times! and even IF they had a club or two on the old PI new landings at Disney springs! most will not return! it will be very hard to trust disney now!!