Thursday, July 2, 2015

PI Update: Taking A Disney Cruise

There's nothing like a Disney cruise!
Carnival & Royal Caribbean can't touch this!
Sailing past Pleasure Island on this journey.
With views of Paradiso 37.
Passing the new Pleasure Island dock but alas, my cruise did not call there.
Views of Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar with Mannequins in the distance.
A busy little fishing village.
Another ship spotted in port!
And as with every cruise I've ever been on, it ended way too soon!


Anonymous said...

Lol. It sounds like a cruise through the ruins of a once loved ancient civilization. "And here, kids, was the place once created by Disney imagineers that had all the magic of that fanciful and playful land of Pleasure Island where fireworks happened nightly and that had state of the art entertainment and experiences that were unmatched at the time and remain so even to this day. Then one day Disney management grew old and out of touch with young adults with whom they could no longer identify with so they canabalized their most unique creation and boarded and shuttered everything up and pretended it never existed in the first place. When guests inquired about clubs cast members said what clubs? There are no clubs at Downtown Disney. For it had become forbidden to have any pleasure on the island. So it sat a ghost town for the better part of 10 years until one day when the decrepit old management decided to make a big mall modeled after the town they grew up in so many years ago when dancing was prohibited. So they gutted the sinful dance hall and put in some very expensive restaurants because they did not have enough restaurants and shops already. And this, kids, is the story of what happens to greedy managers who live in castles far, far away and who do not keep fresh young talent around to update their once amazing creations to pass down to the next generation."

Anonymous said...

Tell us how you REALLY feel.

KingBob said...

In the end, it's a shopping center.