Sunday, July 19, 2015

Concert Report: DJ Icey (Gilt Nightclub)

Not just a new name for Roxy, Gilt Nightclub has been completely redone and it's quite nice inside. And promoters have been bringing in some big names; in the past two months alone I've seen DJ's Cedric Gervais (F), Robbie Rivera (USA) and Borgeous (USA) spin here and Audien (USA) plays here August 15th & Markus Schulz (D) plays here on August 29th!
Opening DJ Supernaut in the booth when I arrived.
And even at this early hour the dance floor was already filling-up!
The music the expected Breakbeats.
By midnight this is what it looked like!
The crowd was a mix of Breaks regulars, AAHZ regulars and a lot of youngsters that probably go to Gilt every Saturday but had no idea what they were about to experience!
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls!
View down from the Green Room.
Right on time at 12:15AM, DJ Icey (USA) taking over the decks!
By now the dance floor was completely jammed!
There would be a few moments of Old Skool but Icey would always bring it back around to Breakbeats!
Delivering too few notes from Agnelli & Nelson's "Everyday".
Spotted in VIP: Aubrey & Ashleigh watching the DJ
Spotted: Athena with Mr & Mrs. Mazor and Mr. & Mrs. Geebo
Spotted: 808 Boom Girls
Spotted: Ira Mazor, Stacey Kakes & Promoter Scotty Fraser
Spotted earlier in the Green Room: illDJ ChrisB (USA)
Spotted at the bar: Mannequins in the house!!
Spotted taking videos: Shawn Fenn
Spotted on the dance floor: Amanda
Spotted on the dance floor: Mr. & Mrs. Matrix with Jen Mazor

"Planning to have some fun, but first, let me take a selfie!" Spotted: Corey James
Go Go dancer Kriss Reign front view.
Go Go dancer Kriss Reign rear view.  Got to see her dance twice previously this year, once in Miami and once in Tampa.  It's always a treat!
The dance floor remained packed beyond 1:30AM!
Gilt was packed to the rafters!
Amateur hour.
Another great night delivered by DJ Icey!
A good time was had by all!


DJMadManRay said...

Didn't realize Icey as wearing a shirt that said "cold chillin'" until I saw the last picture..Lol! Great report, thanks Bob!

Anonymous said...

"No red-lining the mixer" #classic

KingBob said...

Ray, Icey's t-shirt wasn't the first thing that caught my eye in that photo either!
Anon, red-lining is a Bozo No-No.