Saturday, July 4, 2015

Club Reports: Peek Downtown, Tier Nightclub

Celebrating the holiday weekend last night at Peek Downtown with some "Red White & Booty"!
Arrived early and found Tampa's DJ Eddie Light in the new DJ booth located in front of the window.
The dance floor had some early volunteers on it!  The music was Breakbeats although I swear Eddie had some Deep House in there!
Around 11:45PM illDJChrisB (USA) took over the controls!
Action was quickly picking up!
Chris introducing DJ duo KMFX (USA) which is DJ Keith MacKenzie & DJ Fixx. Last saw them play at the Mile High Massive in Tampa back in May.
Movers & Shakers!
Spotted: Promoter LadyV with friend
Spotted: Stacey
Spotted: Funky Flavor's Scotty Fraser
I'm sure there's a story here!
Breaks keeping everyone moving!
Dance floor stayed full all night!
Moving around the corner to Tier Nightclub.
DJ Carlos Mendoza in the booth delivering straight-up House!
No matter who he's opening for, he has this uncanny ability to play just the right stuff to elevate the mood of the crowd!
And indeed, the place was packed!
For the former #1 DJ in the world, Paul Oakenfold (GB)!
Oakie delivering both vocal & non-vocal House / Electrohouse songs! Known for Trance, I don't recall hearing any last night.
The first "big name" DJ concert I ever went to was at the massive Destiny Nightclub to see Oakenfold along with DJ Sandra Collins (USA)!
Oakenfold was pretty animated last night with plenty of fist-pumping and waving to the crowd below!
I give credit to Oakenfold for creating the massive DJ scene that now exists in Las Vegas when he became resident DJ at Rain Nightclub in the Palms Casino Resort. That led to all the other casinos opening their own dance clubs with world-class DJ's performing!
Posing for Save Pleasure Island Blog.
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls!
In the past year I've seen Mark Knight, ATB, Pete Tong & Project 46 here at Tier Nightclub!
Last night, a good time was had by all!

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