Sunday, July 12, 2015

Club Reports: Bikkuri Lounge, Peek Downtown, Native Social Bar

Bikkuri Sushi on Colonial Drive is home to Bikkuri Lounge.
If you ignore the flash, you can barely see DJ Lil' B in the booth!
Decent-sized crowd on the floor raving to Psy-Trance!
DJ Suzy Solar explained the difference to me between regular Trance and Psy-Trance but I really couldn't differentiate.  It sounded and felt like Trance to me, lol!
Bikkuri is home to these amazing light walls!
DJ Doppler Effect taking over the booth around 11PM.
The dance floor stayed pretty busy!
The music was so good, even a cave man could enjoy it!
Next stop to Peek Downtown for "Ear Theater" night.
Pure unadulterated House music being delivered by DJ Mark Hunt!
Just not a lot of people in the place.
Although the dance floor did have its moments.
Spotted on the floor: Mannequins very own DJ Dave Cannalte (USA) with friend Christa.
No commercial House from this guy, just the good stuff!
The bar staff looking resplendent in black!  Nice!
For the second night this weekend, Native Social Bar.
DJ B Random in the booth playing Breaks!
Good crowds at both bars although the dance floor less so.
But it too had its moments!
DJ Funkbaby taking over a little after midnight.  I always somehow manage to miss her set so I was surprised when I ran into her at the bar and she told me she was up next!!
Wrong night girl. Twerking is for Friday nights at Native, not Saturday nights!
Spotted on the dance floor: Ken Z.
Spotted in the booth: Promoters Shawn Fenn & Scotty Fraser
Spotted on the floor (literally), Promoter LadyV
A good time was had by all!

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