Monday, June 1, 2015

DTD Update: Town Center Construction Moving Rapidly

Giving you an update on all the construction taking place out in the former PI parking lot beginning with progress on the East Garage.
Interesting question that no one out there could answer for me.  We know the new West Garage is officially called the Orange Garage.  What will the new East Garage be called?  Will it be named after a color, like the Orange Garage is?  Or will it be named after a citrus fruit, like the Orange Garage is?
Odd-looking retaining wall going up between T-Rex Cafe and one of the springs.
This new venue looks to have an outdoor patio of sorts overlooking the springs.  Notice how that spring will actually flow under the patio structure.
SkyCam view of that retaining wall and new venue.
To the south of the springs, the shopping district that is the Town Center is going up quickly.
This worker is surveying the situation.
When you see those workers in place, it gives you perspective on just how massive some of the new buildings will be.
Zara and Uniqlo stores are normally quite large.
This will be a full-fledged shopping center when it's done but will it keep guests from wandering off-property and over to the outlet and traditional malls?


Anonymous said...

It won't in my opinion. These stores are too high-end and unique boutique type stores for most casual family guests. I personally like the idea of Disney Springs, but the stores they are putting in don't make a lot of sense to me to be honest. The restaurants are great, but some of these stores belong in Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas rather than Disney Springs.

Sound Lion I understand... an Apple Store would work great too. But high-end fashion and jewelry that has nothing to do with Disney? I don't get it.

KingBob said...

Well, I think they're trying to offer a broad range of merchandise options so that guests don't want to leave Property. But they're not outlet stores so most people will still want to go to the outlet malls. And they won't offer enough high end to keep those so inclined from wanting to go to Millenia or enough variety to keep people from wanting to go to Florida Mall. They're best hope are through unique retail you can't get elsewhere in Florida. Uniqlo fits the bill there and I'm still hoping for Topshop/Topman.