Saturday, June 13, 2015

Concert Report: The Rolling Stones (Orlando Citrus Bowl)

There are band fans and there are DJ fans and you know which one I am.  But sometimes you just gotta set aside preferences.  A visit to the Orlando Citrus Bowl last night to see The Rolling Stones (GB) "Zip Code Tour"!
Opening act The Temperance Movement (GB) was already on stage when I strolled-in fashionably late around 9PM.  They had played at House of Blues in Lake Buena Vista a couple months ago and have a large following of their own.  Don't think anyone came to see them though.
The early crowd filling the stadium.  With many fans as old as the Stones, it's necessary to have seating down on the field in lieu of a mosh pit!
It was super-packed even down here!
The crowd was a mix of young and old.  Mostly old. (Not including me.)
Promptly at 9:30PM the lights dimmed and the stadium erupted into roars of approval!
And there he was, live and in person!  You see him on TV, you see him in magazines but a chill goes through your bones when he's actually in front of you.  A true legend in the music business, Mick Jagger!
Opening with "Jumping Jack Flash" and "It's Only Rock'n'Roll".
Though age 71, he still looks like Mick Jagger!
Few were sitting, everybody standing!
Dancing in the aisles for "Honky Tonk Woman"!
More than 50 semi trucks brought in all the tour equipment which took the entire week to get installed for the show!
In the face he looks older than his stated age but overall he's in shape and was running all over the stage.  At one point he lifted his shirt to show the crowd his abs!
Field view from the rear.  I can only imagine how little people up in the bleachers actually saw.
Large monitors allowed everyone a look nonetheless.
Las Vegas pricing!
Rolling down the runway for "Miss You"!
Mick right in front of my nose for a lively rendition of "Start Me Up"!
Two songs in the encore.  They did "Can't Always Get" with backing from the UCF Choir.
That was followed by their signature song "Satisfaction"!
Thanking Orlando for the great night!
It was epic!  A good time was had by all!


Anonymous said...

Keith Richards is *rumored* to have said they're going to record a new album soon... is this choose the images that look like a salad thing in order to post the comment???

KingBob said...

And they've re-released Sticky Fingers with some additional material.

Not sure what salad thing you're talking about?? You do have to check a box and possibly type some numbers in order to show you're not a bot.