Sunday, June 14, 2015

Concert Report: DJ Robbie Rivera (Gilt Nightclub)

Kind of anticlimactic to go out after a Rolling Stones concert but staying home on a Saturday night wasn't an option either.  So to Gilt Nightclub it was.
Arrived to find DJ Carlos Mendoza in the booth delivering a straight-up House & Dance set!
Dance floor was already beginning to fill up!
And his music build-ups was driving some into a frenzy!
Taking over around 12:45AM, DJ Robbie Rivera (USA).
His second song selection was his megahit "Back to Zero".
Gilt was crowded last night but not packed.
DJ duo Yellow Claw (NL) was competing with this over at Venue 578.
But those here were having a great time dancing to his set!
Some even got a bit crazy!
Spotted down on the floor:  DJ Irene Pardo (USA) with Anna
Most of Robbie's selections had vocals to them!
Had not seen him perform since 2010 right here when the club was called Roxy. But he has played Orlando a couple times since then.
The dance crowd was as lively as I've ever seen.
One great tune after another had everyone stoked!
Not quick enough to capture it on film, he did break into a broad smile when the crowd began chanting "Robbie! Robbie!" in unison!
A good time was had by all!

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