Sunday, June 7, 2015

Club Reports: Native Social Bar, PEEK Downtown, The Social, The Office

Third night of a party weekend!  Taking things slow at Native Social Bar.
Hearing some House and some Breaks from DJ Jimmy Joslin (USA).
No one was dancing around 11PM but that floor down there can become jammed!
DJ Baby Anne and DJ Bella play here on June 27th and that will be packed!
Spotted at the bar: Pleasure Islanders Mike & Mike
Spotted getting ready for his set: DJ Knightlife
Heading back to the new PEEK Downtown!
Friday night it was House, last night it was Breakbeats! Miami's DJ Bebe in the mix!
Dance floor stayed active but not packed.
Music was all non-vocal Breaks.
Spotted in VIP: Promoter LadyV
Spotted on the dance floor: DJ ICB with friend
Spotted on the dance floor:  Fellow Pleasure Islander The Gecko
Spotted posing:  DJ's Gumbee and Bebe in the booth with LadyV.
Spotted dancing: Renee (right) with friends
DJ Geebo taking over around 1AM.
After all these years, first time visit last night to The Social.
And two nights in a row seeing former Mannequins DJ Dave Cannalte (USA)!
Dance floor was kind of a bro-fest early on.
But he delivered a great House/Progressive once set again!
Spotted on the dance floor: Heath & Lanie
Spotted at the bar: DJ Smilin' Dan.  He recently moved from Thursday nights to Tuesday nights at Independent Bar.  The Blog covers I-Bar's new Thursdays later this week so tune in Friday.
Spotted holding up the bar: DJ's Fusion & Debo
Spotted on the dance floor: The world famous Shawn Fenn.
Spotted in VIP: Christa, Chas & Stacey
DJ Dave Seaman (GB) coming on at 12:30AM.
The dance floor became packed!
People getting into pure House!  His set destroyed the place!
We had seen Seaman previously at Sound Bar and Vain.  This was one of the best House sets I had ever heard!
Seaman delivering an all non-vocal Progressive & Tech House set which brought a lot of cheering from the clubbers! Wow!
One final stop on this amazing weekend! The Office is a hidden gem back behind Bank of America Plaza.
And after a night of Breakbeats and House, it was time for some Trance as delivered by DJ Manuel LeSaux (I).
In this black-painted venue that formerly housed Thee Grotto, found a pretty packed club!
And a surprisingly young crowd!  That's important for the future of Trance.
The guy's got personality, he was animated with the crowd and his music kept building and building!
Spotted in VIP: Trance DJ's Suzy Solar & J-13
The Rome-native's music was all non-vocal.
Dance floor stayed jammed!  We'll be keeping an eye on this new venue to see who else they bring in.
Everywhere I went last night including The Office, a good time was had by all!

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