Saturday, June 6, 2015

Club Reports: Field House, King's, Epic Nightclub, PEEK Downtown

Just a lot going on this weekend in Orlando and I finally got to check out Field House along Sand Lake Road.
Resident DJ Freefall was delivering Top 40/Dance from his outdoor booth.
This is primarily a restaurant with a bar scene as seen in this covered outdoor area.
Mrs. Freefall was visiting with friends at the indoor bar.
DJ Freefall will be spinning EDM downtown at 180 Grey Goose Lounge & Vanity Nightclub during the coming week!
Named after me, next stop was Kings Bowl along a packed International Drive.  Walking up, speakers were blaring Electronic Dance Music!
Resident DJ PopRoXxX was playing music videos from his new rig!
This is primarily a bowling alley of course.
With a popular bar aspect as well!
We know PopRoXxX from his days at Splitsville in Downtown Disney.  He plays a Top 40 format at The Groove at Universal CityWalk during the week.
OK,time for some Breakbeats.  The venue, Epic Nightclub downtown!
It would be hard to get any better than veteran DJ duo Rob-E & Security!
Dance floor was already pretty jammed!
Bustin' some moves!
In the club's rear White Room, DJ duo Rogue Planet delivering some Classic Dance!
Getting into the beats!
Crowd up front continued to grow!
Girls just wanna have fun!
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls!  Jen Mazor in the house!
Meanwhile back in the White Room, DJ Geebo taking over!
While up front, headliner DJ Scratch-D (USA) from Dynamix II breaking things up!
Had not seen him spin since "Leaders of the True School" event in 2013 at Firestone.
Great music kept the dance floor occupied!
Spotted: Promoter Scotty Fraser with his Funky Flavor girls. Nice!
Also visited the new PEEK Downtown, formerly Suite B Lounge.
Hearing a great House/Progressive House set from DJ Dave Cannalte!
Not as crowded as Epic but the dance floor here stayed busy too!
Of course we know Dave Cannalte's music from his days at Mannequins as well as his great sets at the AAHZ Reunions!
Spotted at the bar: DJ's Fusion and Renzo Ruiz.
Spotted on the dance floor: DJ Jerry "The Reverend" Johnson with his wife Dana.
Taking over at 1AM, DJ George Acosta (USA)!

House music in the house!

First time seeing Acosta since May, 2014 at Eclipse in Jacksonville.

Spotted in VIP: DJ Mark Hunt being photobombed by Christa Wright!
But a good time was had by all!


ClubMaster said...

Aww I didnt know Suite B Lounge closed down, when did it transform and was it not making alot of money??

KingBob said...

Didn't close, just a name change. And painted entirely white inside. Otherwise same owner and same music.

Joseph Genaldi said...

Great Stuff!! Thanks brother for the write up

Save Pleasure Island said...

Thanks. Good to see you all again Friday night, Joe!