Tuesday, June 30, 2015

DTD Update: DisneyQuest Closing

Disney confirmed earlier today that DisneyQuest will close some time next year.  Here are more details from the Orlando SentinelDQ will be replaced with the previously announced The NBA Experience at Downtown Disney.  (Although we would expect that to be changed to Disney Springs by the time it opens).  Interestingly, the Blog published a rumor back in June, 2009 that DQ was closing to become an ESPN Zone restaurant.  That was the same article where we predicted that they were going to put Princess Dianna's gowns in the Virgin Megastore space!

PI Update: Springs Flooded

This weekend we discovered the Western Springs and Central Springs sections of Disney Springs' new springs flooded with water!
We don't know whether this is rain water from a huge deluge to hit the area or whether Village Lake water entered the springs accidentally or on purpose.
Whether accidental or on purpose, the water only goes this far east and not into the Eastern Springs area adjacent T-REX Cafe.
Water at the new No. 2 Bridge very close to where the Mannequins bridge used to cross.
Adjacent Mannequins.
While here, noticed that new trees had been installed on the Town Center side of the springs!
These are designed to shield views of the new service court behind T-REX Cafe.

Monday, June 29, 2015

PI Update: New Springs Concept Art

Disney posted new pieces of concept art this weekend along the construction wall near Eastern Springs and Central Springs.  This one seems to be the view from the new No. 2 Bridge looking west towards Planet Hollywood Observatory.  Notice the bubbling springs in certain sections of the water.
One of the bridges crossing the springs of Disney Springs.
Looks like Disney Springs Town Center will be home to new shops Hoffman's and Ivan's.
As well as the Orlando area's first Restaurant.  Does show though that the Town Center side will have at least this one food option and won't be exclusively retail.
A nice look at what is coming next year!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Breaking News: AC Demolition Continues!

Well last week we posted pictures of the demolition of the interior of the Library section of Adventurers Club but wondered whether they were only gutting the interior but planning to leave the exterior shell.
I think we now know.  The entire building appears to be coming down!
Previous Disney Springs concept art for The Edison pictured here and still on display at West End Plaza appeared to show a heavily renovated Adventurers Club building.  But it was the AC building nonetheless.
But as Disney Springs plans continue to evolve, looks like new construction is coming here!

BET Soundstage is gone; Adventurers Club will soon be gone!
The Blog will continue to keep you abreast of new developments!

Club Reports: Native Social Bar, Independent Bar, Gilt Nightclub

Big night of great DJ action last night in Orlando beginning with Native Social Bar!
Arrived to find Tampa's DJ Bella in the booth delivering Breaks & Funky Breaks!
The club was jamming!
Drawing some big crowds here since they've brought various forms of EDM in!
Around 12:40AM DJ Baby Anne getting ready to take over the reigns!
After her set, DJ Bella hanging with main squeeze and husband DJ AgentK.
Spotted promoting 7Up: the famous Kay Kay
Spotted in VIP: Aubrey with DJ's Dave Cannalte (USA) & Seth Vogt
Spotted as last night's acting MC: illDJ Chris B
Finally!: DJ Baby Anne (USA)
Baby on the decks!
Dance floor stayed full throughout my visit!

As did the VIP mezzanine.

 Always a special treat to see Baby Anne play!
Can't not visit I-Bar on a Saturday night!
DJ Mickey in the booth delivering early to mid-80's New Wave!
Moderate-sized crowd on the dance floor.
It was a mix of regulars and new faces last night. Quick drink, some hellos and moving on.
Last stop of the night over at Gilt Nightclub.
Arrived fashionably late to no lines to get in because everybody was already here!
DJ Cedric Gervais (F) in the booth!
There was no room on the dance floor!
The vibe in the room was incredible!
Packed to the rafters!
Smiling for Save Pleasure Island Blog!
The music, Big Room House!
"Love Again" ft. Ali Tamposi is a big current hit of his!
Delivering his megahit "Summertime Sadness (Remix)" ft. Lana del Rey.
You can't get closer to the biggest DJ's in the business than you can at Gilt!
Crowd going crazy!
First time I'd ever seen him in a club setting.  Previous performances were at festivals such as last year's Electric Daisy Carnival - Orlando.
And in this far more intimate setting, a good time was had by all!