Thursday, April 30, 2015

PI Update: Signs Of Pleasure Island

Well, maybe it's true: Pleasure Island has been renamed The Landing.  It's not real clear though. There are no signs anywhere that say The Landing. All we can refer to is the Downtown Disney Times Guide which refers to The Landing in its Entertainment section and Shopping section. But I looked for Pleasure Island signs last night too but could only find this one above at the Pleasure Island water taxi dock.  It still calls it Pleasure Island.  But all other references have been removed. Come out and enjoy it while you can!


Brian said...

On wftv tonight Disney said they are redoing the old Pi area so not only people on vacation can come out but they want locals also.

Hmmm I didn't feel welcome in the last few years of Pi being open Now they want it's really?

Anonymous said...

I feel Disney has been most hostile to PI or anything club related since the closure of the clubs. I have not felt welcome at DTD either in years and I am a vacationer. I've felt for years that Disney has only catered to the stroller crowd and have alienated a large segment of the population... young adults and singles who loved Disney too but had their magic taken away. I think Disney has a long way to go to earn back that loyalty but they could start with reopening an EDM club like Mannequins.

KingBob said...

Brian, they're definitely going to need locals to shop at Disney Springs if it's going to be successful. Tourists come and go and there are many slow tourist seasons throughout the year. Failure to embrace Orlando residents in their plans would be a silly move.

Anon, we just passed the 6.5 year mark since the clubs closed. Those that were 21 when they closed are now 26-27. Anyone younger than 26 doesn't know anything about PI clubs. Most of us have moved on.

I do agree that they alienated many in the years after the closures but at this stage I've seen them embrace their PI past. We may even see PI night at Atlantic Dance Hall as I previously reported. The big question is, will anyone even care?