Saturday, April 18, 2015

Concert Report: DJ Bad Boy Bill (Epic Nightclub)

Epic Nightclub on a Friday night means "Trust" is in the house!
Arrived to find DJ's Fobia and Fusion tag-teaming from the main booth!

While in the backroom DJ Versastyle was pumping out Breakbeats!

And initially there were more people gathered in the back than in the main room.

Back out front, DJ Chris Tavi taking over around 11:30PM.

More House music although a couple selections bordered on Hip Hop with a Housy edge. He would get some people dancing though!

But the reason for the season: DJ Bad Boy Bill (USA)!

No laptop for the BBB.  He would be mixing music off 3 or 4 thumb drives!

Decent crowd on hand; not empty.  But not packed either.

The Chicagoland native was putting out a great House mix!

Lots of bouncing to the beat!

You can never go wrong with Go Go girls!

I think this was Bad Boy Bill's first Orlando appearance since playing at Destiny Nightclub nearly a decade ago!
Only about half the crowd that showed-up one week earlier for DJ duo Pig & Dan. There was heavy rain in the area earlier in the evening and that might have impacted those deciding to go downtown last night.
Those there were really liking it!
Generally older crowd who knew Bad Boy Bill from back in the 90's and early 2000's.
Spotted on the dance floor: LadyV & Aubrey
Spotted by the DJ booth: Promoters Rick Rodriguez (Trust) & Corey James (Florida Breaks Council)
The amazing DJ Sandra Collins (USA) spins here next Friday night for Trust at Epic!
Last night with Bad Boy Bill, a good time was had by all!


Anonymous said...

We were going to go , but was really worried about a big over crowding.Who knew it wouldn't be crowded. Hello from Christmas,FL.

KingBob said...

You should have come! It was fun!!

Anonymous said...

This is great! Can't wait for PI Thursdays at Atlantic Dance Hall. Is this also cast member night?

KingBob said...

They want it to be a cast member night but there is no cover charge for anyone anyway.