Monday, April 20, 2015

Club Reports: Pleasure Island

Return with us one last beautiful Pleasure Island!  Let's check out the clubs and see what they once were, and what they are now!
Mannequins Dance Palace was the flagship club that defined Pleasure Island. It's large revolving dance floor and sound and lighting effects far ahead of its time defined PI as a must see destination when visiting Walt Disney World!
The scaffolding has been removed and soon will display the new sign of Morimoto Asia, a large pan-Asian restaurant.
Butted glass facing south be part of a window front dining area inside.
BET Soundstage was the home of Hip Hop, Soul and R&B. The place would stay packed through much of its life although the crowds shifted to Motion in later years since Top 40 included so much Hip Hop during the mid-to-late 90's.
Soundstage Club has remained mostly idle since being shuttered in 2008.
Though a now-open door indicates that renovations may finally begin. At one time we thought this would be home to The Edison Orlando but now we're not really sure.
The Adventurers Club was home to zany live comedy unlike any other.  The roar of fan disapproval regarding its closure resonates to this day.
Gutted of its artifacts, the venue remains untouched to our knowledge and at one time Disney Springs postings described it as becoming a train-themed cafeteria.
While the stairs lead one down to an underground area called The Tunnels.
Live bands had their Island home at Rock'n'Roll Beach Club.
It was razed and is being replaced with The Hanger.
Described so far as a bar with light food options, we think Disney has some surprises in store for us here that have yet to be revealed!  The outdoor music amphitheater also occupies some of the space of the former RRBC.
Dance club Motion occupied the far northeast corner of the Island and was a Top 40 club. Always fun coming over at midnight to see DJ Talie lead an absolutely packed dance floor to the "Cupid Shuffle" and "Cha Cha Slide"!
It's been replaced with The Boathouse restaurant and bar complex. As much as I miss Motion, I think TBH is a win for Disney Springs.
8TRAX was a 70's Disco club and in later years, 70's & 80's. Always crowded with all ages because they played music that everyone knew the words to.
8TRAX still stands as you can see in the middle.
Apparently it will be the entry building into the adjoining Morimoto Asia restaurant next door and likely given the space, a restaurant of its own.
The last club was Comedy Warehouse. It was built on both levels of the Island with the entry up here at West End Plaza, tiered seating levels leading all the way down to the stage at the Island's lower level.
It's former location has yet to be built upon but we believe this is where STK steakhouse and ultralounge is going. And that completes our roundup of the clubs of Pleasure Island.

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Hopefully the comments made by King Bob two weeks ago will give you all a wake up call about what the people want, Clubs and Nightlife for the adults.