Sunday, April 5, 2015

Club Reports: Independent Bar, The Patio, Patio II, Aero Bar, Suite B Lounge, Treehouse, Attic

With my Miami trip last weekend, overdue for an obligatory Saturday night visit to Independent Bar!
DJ Indie John in the booth spinning 80's New Wave/Old Wave!
As with a lot of downtown last night, not empty but not packed either.
But the music always draws a wide-ranging audience!
Meanwhile back behind I-Bar, The Patio is the reincarnation of former club Eye Spy.
DJ Parry spinning Top 40 and Hip Hop from the club's new booth!
Crowded but not packed on this Easter Eve.
The draw here is that you're actually dancing outside under the stars!
Spotted: SarahK and Renee. Renee's locally-based Love & Leather necklaces are totally cool and so popular that they're sold at Urban Outfitters!

Besides the new DJ booth, The Patio has been redecorated with a "graffiti" look!
In the back room of The Patio, DJ Geebo putting out a Hip Hop set of his own!
This is the room that becomes Washington HiFi on Thursday nights.
No Deep House last night though.
Climbing the stairs here takes you to the rooftop home of Aero Bar, formerly Sky60.

With resident DJ's Cliff T and Dominick Morrison!
Now this place was packed!
House / Dance all night long!
And it's another open-air venue!
Suite B Lounge is Orlando's home of Breaks but last night it was dedicated to House.
Found DJ Avlish putting out non-commercial House music.
Not particularly crowded in here though last night.
Spotted by the door: Shawn Fenn, DJ Fusion aka BobMan, Kyle Myers & Solo.
Really good music!
Third visit to Treehouse.
Climb the tree and step inside!
You grab a drink and then chill-out on the grass floor!
No DJ, just taped music.  First visit was Hip Hop, last time it was Blue Grass.  Last night the music was a Minimal mix!  But open that door at the rear.....
And step into The Attic!  No Downtempo in here!
Hard to do pictures in the club's haze but it was packed!
The music all commercial House/Dance!
A good time was had by all!

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