Saturday, April 4, 2015

Club Reports: The Attic, Club Epic

The Attic is typically an admission-free night club that gets packed on weekend nights but occasionally they bring in "name" DJ's and charge admission.
Such was the case last night with DJ Kris Barman aka Wuki (USA) taking over the controls around 12:45AM this morning.
Despite the cover charge, place was packed anyway!
The place is not that large to begin with and it can get close to impassable in there!
I had seen him play last Friday night in Miami at Mekka where it was strictly Breakbeats.  Last night to a different kind of audience he was mixing Breaks with small amounts of Classic Hip Hop hits.
Confetti bomb!
Don't really know that this audience "got it".
I would say that most of them had never experienced Breakbeats before and struggled to dance to it.  Just my impression but I was only in there for a half hour.
Moved over to Club Epic instead!
DJ Jimmy Joslin (USA) behind the decks when I arrived!
Now this was a crowd that DID understand the Breaks!
Not packed like we saw here for the Baby Anne concert in February but definitely not empty either.
Spotted: DJ Icey (USA) with one of the club's owners.
Continuing the theme of the night, DJ Sandy (USA)!
Fine-looking group of veteran breakers!
Lots of movement down on the floor!
Spotted: DJ Vitamin C hitting on the shots girl!
DJ Jimmy Joslin & DJ Sandy are known for their years packing the Sunday night SIN at House of Blues in Downtown Disney West Side!
Spotted: Event organizer and promoter Pete Manos visiting with DJ Sandy after his set.
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls!
A good time was had by all!

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