Wednesday, March 18, 2015

PI Update: 8TRAX Door

If one were to enter this service corridor gate that is located along Hill Street adjacent the Sanuk flip-flop store.
One would discover that they're in the old Mannequins smokers patio and they'd see that the old upper entrance to Mannequins is blocked over.  Turning left would take you along the new service corridor that travels behind the four new retail locations there and comes out another door towards Raglan Road.  But turning right takes you indoors behind Sanuk.
Where you'd discover that 8TRAX is still there!
We knew 8TRAX was still there, of course, directly behind Sanuk.  But the front section of 8TRAX was demolished to make way for the new Sanuk building. So the doors are not the original club doors but they are there to have a way of closing off whatever is going into 8TRAX from the service corridor. 

 These are the original 8TRAX doors in that front section along Hill Street that was demolished.  In August, 2011 they were painted a plain color at the same time other clubs also were stripped of exterior reminders of what they were.

From the time 8TRAX closed in September, 2008 until August, 2011, this is what the doors looked like.

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