Monday, March 30, 2015

Concert Report: Dada Land (Mana Wynwood Miami)

One last party for me in Miami on Saturday night.  Taking place at Mana Wynwood Studios north of downtown, clearing Customs & Immigration to enter Dada Land!
Arriving well after midnight, got to hear the last 20 minutes of Bingo Players (NL) set.
Place was super-packed but using skills taught to me by a friend, quickly worked my way to the front and relatively close to the stage!
The event was taking place in a warehouse-sized sound studio!
Ending his set with mega-hit "Cry (Just A Little)"!
Close to 1AM, DJ Morgan Page (USA) taking over the controls!
As far as I could tell, every song played during his hour set were his!
Hits played included "Fight For You", "The Longest Road" and the newest "Open Heart".
No Go Go girls in attendance but plenty of diversions among the fans!
And now, the moment everyone was waiting for!  "Welcome to the Nation of Dada Land!"
 Display of Dada Land flags.

Smiles everyone, smiles!
DJ duo Dada Life (S)
They're always wacky but Saturday night they were as crazy as I've ever seen them!
Stocked of course with an ample supply of bananas to throw out into the crowd!  First time I had seen them play since Electric Daisy Carnival Orlando in November, 2013.
With plenty of inflated bananas and champagne bottles distributed to the masses as well!
There is nothing quite as interactive as a Dada Life concert!
Bananas on the dance floor!
One female banana is always selected to come up and get doused with bottles of champagne by the DJ's while Glen Stefani's "Bananas" song gets played!
A new gimmick I had not seen before.....massive pillow fight!
And thus concluded my Miami weekend.  A good time was had by all! 

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