Saturday, March 7, 2015

Club Reports: The Lodge, Club Epic, Saddle Up, Treehouse, The Attic, Stagger Inn, Vanity Nightclub

So many clubs, so little time.  Downtown Orlando on a chilly Friday evening beginning the festivities at The Lodge.
We can't show you the DJ in this hunting lodge themed venue because he won't pose for pictures and if you try to take one anyway, he starts swearing like a sailor!
We've seen this place packed for their 80's night but it was just moderately busy last night.
This sign directs you to the bathrooms, lol.
Next stop on the tour was Club Epic for their Friday Breaks night.
DJ Geebo was in the booth pumping out the music!
Save Pleasure Island Blog roving reporter Nicole (right) celebrating her birthday on the dance floor with Kristy!
And even though the ladies drink free until midnight, just not a lot of people in here.
As always, Epic Door Host Angel was looking cool channeling a 70's vibe!
Highlight of the evening (not) was this visit to Country music bar Saddle Up.
DJ Vegas was spinning the expected Country music but also quite a bit of Top 40.
Place was packed with a long line outside to get in.  Free entry and $1 Fireball shots at midnight is part of the attraction although it was next to impossible to get up to the bar to snag one!
Country line dances happening, if you can find room!
Most crowded club of the night!
Love a horse, ride a cowboy!

Next it was time to climb up into the Treehouse!
The attraction here is grabbing a drink and spreading out picnic style on the grass floor!
It's a small room with a small bar featuring craft cocktails.  The recorded music was Hip Hop during my first visit a few weeks earlier but last night it was Bluegrass.
One of the fine-looking groups passing through last night!
Open the side door though at Treehouse and you go from mellow and spacious to loud and packed in The Attic!
Didn't recognize the DJ on duty but he was pumping out House/Dance!
It was hard to move about the place!
The music was great!  Long line outside to get in but the secret is to use the Treehouse entrance around the corner.
Birthday girl wanted Country music so we stop at Stagger Inn.
The DJ booth is up there above the bar!  The music was Taylor Swift.
People were dancing wherever!
Wristband collection was accumulating!
Last stop of the night was Vanity Nightclub.
Former Mannequins DJ Dominick Morrison was spinning EDM and Top 40.
Dance floor remained pretty crowded during my visit!
And in chilly downtown Orlando last night, a good time was had by all!

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