Sunday, March 15, 2015

Club Reports: Independent Bar, Suite B Lounge, Venue 578

I'd have to go back and see where I've been but somehow I've gone a few weekends without my favorite I-Bar!
Saturday night DJ Indie John in the booth with Lighting Tech Ernie!
Enjoying the Saturday night format of early to mid 80's New Wave!
 Nice crowd but not jammed.  Everyone's over at Venue 578 for Cash Cash.
A-Ha "Take on Me"!
Don't be bashful now!
Moving over to another favorite, Suite B Lounge, Orlando's home of the Breaks!
DJ Bella on the boards as DJ Eddie Light, who had played earlier, looks on!
Never got particularly crowded.  Everyone's over at Venue 578 for Cash Cash.
A few people dancing but nothing like we saw one week earlier.
The music was great though!
Spotted in the corner: Orlando socialite CJ.
Spotted by the door: DJ Leilani with friends.  She had played earlier.
Spotted on the edge of the dance floor: DJ ICB and Amanda
DJ Lo IQ taking over at 12:30AM.
But if this is where the action was, this is where I needed to be.  A long but worthy walk to Venue 578, formerly Firestone Live!
OMG, encountering THIS upon my 1AM entry!  Yes, this is where everyone was.
And it was more or less impenetrable!
Everyone in the club to see DJ duo Cash Cash (USA).
They're actually a DJ trio but often just two perform at club shows.
Really as crowded as I've ever seen this place and I've seen some big names play in here!
Giving the audience a spray-down!
Performing their top Progressive House hit "Take Me Home" early during my visit!
The crowd was enthusiastic and LOUD!
IMO, Venue 578 has the best lighting and sound systems in Orlando!
The group is from the NYC area.
Last night Orlando, next Saturday night at Marquee in Las Vegas!
Closer to 2AM, playing current megahit "Surrender"!
Crazy!  A good time was had by all!

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