Tuesday, March 31, 2015

PI Update: Concept Art Revisited

To refresh everyone's memory about what is coming to Disney Springs, thought it would be a good idea to revisit some of the concept art pieces that are still on display throughout Pleasure Island.  This one is posted near the Lily Pad and shows how shops will be built right up against the springs.
This one posted nearby shows the indoor shopping center look of one of the new buildings.
This is what The Hanger will look like once completed.
This piece of concept art is right up against Mannequins.
Zooming in on that one, we see the new No. 2 Bridge crossing the springs at an angle approaching Raglan Road and Morimoto Asia restaurant.
Over at West End Plaza, that construction wall has a piece of concept art posted on it too.
Zooming in, it displays a view of the STK Restaurant that will be built behind that wall, but as envisioned from the opposite direction looking upwards.
This large display features several snippets of other Disney Springs scenes including the High Line at Exposition Park.
The actual concept art is still posted at the entrance to the PI bypass causeway.
It shows the upper level as originally announced which included guest access via stairs or elevator.  While this piece of high line displayed is presumably finished without any access to the top, one has to wonder why this is still displayed if it's not to be?
Lastly, outside BET Soundstage and Adventurers Club, the art displays what we thought was going to be The Edison Orlando but a new Notice of Commencement filed by Disney with Orange County shows Patina Restaurant Group occupying the space.  Yet another mystery.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Concert Report: Dada Land (Mana Wynwood Miami)

One last party for me in Miami on Saturday night.  Taking place at Mana Wynwood Studios north of downtown, clearing Customs & Immigration to enter Dada Land!
Arriving well after midnight, got to hear the last 20 minutes of Bingo Players (NL) set.
Place was super-packed but using skills taught to me by a friend, quickly worked my way to the front and relatively close to the stage!
The event was taking place in a warehouse-sized sound studio!
Ending his set with mega-hit "Cry (Just A Little)"!
Close to 1AM, DJ Morgan Page (USA) taking over the controls!
As far as I could tell, every song played during his hour set were his!
Hits played included "Fight For You", "The Longest Road" and the newest "Open Heart".
No Go Go girls in attendance but plenty of diversions among the fans!
And now, the moment everyone was waiting for!  "Welcome to the Nation of Dada Land!"
 Display of Dada Land flags.

Smiles everyone, smiles!
DJ duo Dada Life (S)
They're always wacky but Saturday night they were as crazy as I've ever seen them!
Stocked of course with an ample supply of bananas to throw out into the crowd!  First time I had seen them play since Electric Daisy Carnival Orlando in November, 2013.
With plenty of inflated bananas and champagne bottles distributed to the masses as well!
There is nothing quite as interactive as a Dada Life concert!
Bananas on the dance floor!
One female banana is always selected to come up and get doused with bottles of champagne by the DJ's while Glen Stefani's "Bananas" song gets played!
A new gimmick I had not seen before.....massive pillow fight!
And thus concluded my Miami weekend.  A good time was had by all! 

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Club Report: Fifty Ultra Lounge (Miami)

Spending Saturday afternoon at Fifty Ultra Lounge in the Viceroy Hotel in downtown Miami.
Long line to get in during Miami Music Weekend!
Elevator whisks you up from the ground to the 50th floor rooftop!
Finding opening DJ Andre Skyy (USA) in the booth upon arrival.
The music, all House with a small amount of Latin House.
Nice view of Norwegian Getaway docked at Port Miami.
The early crowd with just one lone dancer.
DJ duo KimKat (USA) taking over around 2pm.
House music all day long!
With drinks flowing, action begins to pick up!
The crowd coming in was also flowing!
Kat Nova and Kim Lee make up the California duo.
Around 3:30pm, DJ Nick Terranova aka Starkillers (USA) taking control.
Well it is a pool party!
More house but louder and faster and it got more people onto the dance floor!
Plus people dancing in their place surrounding the pool!
I had seen Starkillers play at Vain Nightclub in Orlando a little over a year ago!
Time to leave due to a different event to attend.  But the party here would go on all night with DJ's such as Armand Pena, Marcus Schossow and the amazing EDX still to come!  A good time was had by all!