Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Remembering CityWalk's Play For PI Fans

During my visit to CityWalk at Universal Orlando Resort this past Saturday night, I reflected back on 2008 and the clubs closing on Pleasure Island and the genuine effort CityWalk made to bring PI annual passholders over to their side! 
It began with CityWalk's full-page ad in the Orlando Sentinel declaring that Pleasure Island passholders would get free admission to CityWalk's clubs.  Announced in September of 2008, all a PI Annual Pass holder had to do was bring their AP to CityWalk Guest Services and they would be issued a free CityWalk All-Club Pass valid until March 31, 2009.  For those taking advantage of the offer early, it was at least 6 months of free entry.

Of course CityWalk turned out to be a completely different animal than Pleasure Island.  And while there was chatter in 2008/2009 of CityWalk offering their own Annual Pass for residents, it never materialized.  CityWalk today does what it does well and improvements made to The Groove have updated the facility into quite the hip dance club.  It's not Pleasure Island, of course. But then, nothing is.


Anonymous said...

CW was never quite the same (IMO). But I remember Red Coconut (?) doing an 80's night for a while that was impressive with videos as well

DJMadManRay said...

I don't remember RCC doing an 80's night, but I remember The Groove doing the 80's night and RCC did a service industry night. They tried, but it will never be PI. At least Universal hasn't forgotten about us "big kids"..Lol!

Anonymous said...

I hope the groove is doing well. I really would not like to lose it after losing Pleasure Island.

71 said...

Surprises me that Church Street Station and early PI got it right, with gated access, but that lesson has been lost on subsequent generations. Also, let's be honest, CityWalk has become a little stale in the past 7 years, just as PI did.

I-Drive is the next in line, here's hoping they pull it off and inspire the two big boys to step up their game again.

Anonymous said...

Universal is so hung on restaurants at City Walk that everyone should be glad the Groove is even still there..

KingBob said...

I can remember Baby Anne doing a stint at RCC but the only 80's Night I recall at CityWalk was the one on Thursday nights at The Groove featuring DJ Doc Wells from Pleasure Island.

Yes Ray, Uni still offers adults club options!

I think the Groove is doing very well and will be with us for awhile.

71, The Groove and Red Coconut have been refreshed so they're as good as anything. Ditto Rising Star. We unfortunately lost Latin Quarter. I rarely go into the others there. Agree that I-Drive is going to be offering up a lot of competition beginning with the new Club 39 at the Rosen Plaza.