Tuesday, February 24, 2015

PI Update: Where Can I Get A Good STK?

CLICK ON PHOTOS TO ENLARGE  When this old time railroad station looking building was under construction a few months ago, we thought for sure this was the new STK Restaurant underway.  After all, Blog sources told us the restaurant was going over where Comedy Warehouse used to stand.  But then the building opened......as a restroom/WC complex!  So where is the steakhouse?  Look closely behind the railroad station and you'll see the rooftop of another building.  The roof is walled-in to create an exterior facade that we can't see yet but there is definitely a building there what would be accessible from the Island's lower level.  So we'll be watching for this.
To the right of the railroad station is a walled-off area that is covered with what appear to be loose sheets of plywood.  This is on the Island's upper level and whatever is going on there remains un-permited.  Under it we believe will be the entryway to The Tunnels, the underground project that remains cloaked in mystery. 

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