Thursday, February 19, 2015

DTD Update: Orange Garage Update

Decided to park in the new Orange Garage (West Garage) during my visit to Downtown Disney a few days ago.  The parking lot sensors are operational and as you drive in you can see how many spaces are available on each floor.  There are no sensors on the ground floor at this time so incoming traffic backs up as drivers proceed down the main interior entryway and have to look to see if they spot an empty.  Entering is a slow-going affair and all the Reedy Creek parking lot employees can do is wave their wands to try to keep people moving.  The top deck remains closed.
The red and green lights above each space did not appear to be working during my visit but they were correctly sensing.  My row showed 2 spaces open and I could not see them from the main aisle. But sure enough, there were 2 open spaces down that row!
The entry portal to Downtown Disney West Side near Planet Hollywood is nearing completion.
Once open, guests will be directed within the garage to the 2nd floor of the garage via elevators or escalators.  From there they can then reach the ground floor via the portal after crossing over the service road that runs between the garage and DTD itself.
Entering Downtown Disney from westbound I-4 will be accomplished via a new exit ramp that will lead drivers over Buena Vista Drive and directly into the Orange Garage.  That overpass is under construction as shown here.  Come on out and see it all for yourself!

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