Saturday, February 28, 2015

Club Report: Club Epic

Seems like my visits to certain nightclubs comes in clumps and such is the case too with Club Epic where I'm dropping by for the third weekend in a row!
DJ Matrix was in the booth when I arrived last night, putting on the Breaks!
The crowd nothing like one week earlier when Matrix opened for DJ's Fixx and Baby Anne!
Just a small number of peeps in the club enjoying some great music!
Epic Door Host Angel was looking cool channeling a 70's vibe!
DJ Davie-D coming on next with more Breakbeats!
Spotted on the dance floor:  DJ Funkbaby & MC Marybeth
Spotted by the booth: DJ E-Z & Promoter Pete Manos
Spotted by the bar: DJ Junglebot who had played earlier.
Epic is located on Pine Street in the spot where clubs Syn and 57West were once located.  They're working to make Fridays here a regular Breaks night.  For the way too few that were there last night, a good time was had by all!

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