Friday, January 16, 2015

PI Update: Status Of Remaining Club Buildings

We know Rock'n'Roll Beach Club, Motion and Comedy Warehouse were all demolished but the rest of the former club buildings are still there so let's take a look at their current status.  Concept art posted in front of BET Soundstage shows what it and the Adventurers Club buildings will look like in the future.
But while renovations are imminent, no apparent work is taking place inside yet from what we could see from our exclusive SkyCam.
The foyer light is on at Adventurers Club but no apparent work inside here yet either.
Concept art would seem to indicate that The Edison Orlando is coming in here with possibly The Tunnels under adjoining West End Plaza.
SkyCam view of the new shops opening soon along Hill Street.
8TRAX is still back there along with the corner round section that houses a circular staircase.  Supposedly a restaurant is going in there and perhaps it's connected with Morimoto Asia that is going into Mannequins. Would make more money as the 70's & 80's dance club that it was!
The thorough gutting continues to take place at Mannequins!
And reminiscent of the Berlin Wall going up, the upstairs door at Mannequins has been blocked-over!

The entire south face is cut open as Morimoto Asia will have a glass wall facing that direction.
New concept art has been posted in front of Mannequins and it shows that glass wall.  At the forefront, a view of a modified No. 2 Bridge coming across the Springs.
Curiously, the old front of Mannequins does not appear to be the front of Morimoto so maybe the entrance is actually via 8TRAX.  And this zoomed-in shot seems to show a pack of female clubbers heading in that direction!


Anonymous said...

Were you ever able to walk around that are behind Adv. Club/Soundstage/bathrooms back in the day? or was just a cast member area.

Jeff - Gainesville said...

Didn't they just get rid of Cat Cora's restaurant over on the Boardwalk? Not so sure about the Food Network stars opening joints at WDW. MPD is best suited as the most glamorous and exciting dance venue in the world. We have our memories I suppose...........

FN said...

Man, I really miss the Adventurers Club and the dance clubs. Still terrified that this will all turn out to just be another ho-hum mall. Especially troubling is the lack of advance high-excitement rumors to build anticipation. I can't think of a single announcement which is truly exciting. What am I missing? I must be an idiot...