Friday, January 30, 2015

PI Update: Latest Construction News

Before we head over to the Island, let's take a look at progress on the portals that link the new Orange Garage (West Garage) with Downtown Disney West Side.  This one is located in the northeast corner of the garage and will link guests via the second floor of the garage to the West Side near Planet Hollywood.  Escalators in the portal will bring everyone down to ground level.
The second portal is located mid-garage and will bring guests to the walkway located between AMC 24 Theaters and Splitsville.  It appears further away from completion than the other portal.
The Pleasure Island bypass causeway is once again completely closed, as is the Pleasure Island Water Taxi dock.
OK, let's cross the No. 5 Bridge to the place that is neither an Island nor the home to much Pleasure.
Action taking place to the south of the No. 5 Bridge shows us what will be a ramp down from the Island's upper level down to the lower level.  The new No. 4 Bridge is shown under construction here as well.
Another view of the pedestrian ramp.
Art of Shaving should be opening within a couple weeks here.  Shave and a haircut, 2 bits!
This last remaining patch of Seed & Mulch at The Hub will be home to a new restaurant operated by the Raglan Road folks but nothing has been announced.
The latest look of Mannequins Dance Palace being turned into Morimoto Asia restaurant.
The entire south wall as been sliced open and covered scaffolding covers the former east entrance side.
Infrastructure work continues beneath West End Plaza where rumors say The Tunnels will be located.  Even if true, we don't know what The Tunnels will be but there's a lot of hope for an underground bar district.  That way late at night people could be partying below while mommies and their strollers pass by above!
Still no apparent work taking place inside the former BET Soundstage or Adventurers Club.  And that's the latest from beautiful Pleasure Island!

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