Saturday, January 17, 2015

PI Update: Down On The Waterfront

Let's take a look what's happening down on The Waterfront. PHOTO CREDIT: WIKIPEDIA
The area had been mostly drained as the old Waterfront is converted into the springs of Disney Springs.
Looking west past Raglan Road towards the No. 2 Bridge.
But a lot of the water that is there is a result from this past Monday's deluge!
The No. 2 Bridge over troubled waters.
Near Pleasure Island's west end, we see the existing No. 5 Bridge (formerly the No. 4 Bridge) at the bottom of the photo while a new No. 4 Bridge is under construction. The existing bridge connects the West Side with PI's upper level at West End Plaza while the new bridge will connect the West Side with PI's lower level.
Meanwhile in the far corner of Village Lake, the Marketplace Causeway has yet to open but should soon.  Four kiosks have been added at the southern end.
And a closeup look at the kiosks.  Have a great weekend!

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