Monday, January 26, 2015

PI Update: Did You Save Your Wristbands?

Did you ever save your Pleasure Island wristbands?  Blog reader DJMadmanRay shares with us this photo of his PI wristband collection.  It brought back memories of my own collection which was kept in my car's glove compartment.  They retained their circular shape as they were slid off my arm with either ease or difficulty depending on how tight it was placed on.  They were crammed in there by the dozens! Except for one blue one, I did not save them once capacity was reached. Did you save your Pleasure Island wristbands?


Anonymous said...

i always put mine in the garbage can near the bridge.

Belle said...

I have many of mine!

Bob will 2015 be the year you join Twitter?
I am at DTD now and have much to tweet to you. I am far too lazy to email. So consider this my formal request. ��

KingBob said...

Awww Belle, that is such a tempting offer. But I have no plans to do any Tweeting anytime soon. Of course I never planned to have a Facebook account either and I've now had it for 1 year. If you have FB, you could PM me with your tweets!

Sorry for the cold weather.

Brian said...

I HAVE tons also! I will send you pics of it Later.